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At the Texas Health Medical Group weight loss center, we understand that there are a million reasons for weight gain, and another million reasons why losing it seems so hard. In the end, sustainable weight reduction isn’t about finding another crazy diet, a strenuous life-consuming exercise regimen, or booking an invasive surgery.

Our FDA-approved, protein-based therapy, and the support of our whole community will help you improve your health, and outlook on life. We’ll help you lose what is weighing you down.

Today, we stand with you and declare you free from the worry, and shame that being overweight can bring. We are ready to join you on a once-in-a-lifetime health journey that will change your life, without turning it upside down.

Our medical center is now offering a weight loss program that is effective and affordable. The science behind our plan is simple, and the results are sustainable. This is not hype, it is not a trick. Doctors are saying that this program, by far, is the most influential and impactful approach to weight loss they have been able to offer patients in a very long time.

  • FDA Approved, Doctor Prescribed
  • Easy to Follow, Affordable
  • Safe, Effective

The Weight Loss

There are thousands of supplements, regimens, and endless expensive processed food plans. There are medications with dangerous side effects. There are apps. Have you tried any of them? Did they fail? Did they work for a time, and then become too difficult to incorporate into your busy, sometimes stressful life? We understand you might be feeling cautious about what seems to be a simple solution. But, partner with us, and you will find that our less expensive, non-invasive therapy–WORKS.

Our medication received FDA approval easily, with little fanfare, because it is safe and effective. The best news? It is simple to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and begins working immediately. Slow down the system that stimulates hunger impulses, and experience the sensation of feeling full and satisfied with smaller portions. It doesn’t get any easier.

On your first visit to our Dallas Weight Loss clinic, you will be seen by out weight loss specialist to discuss any health concerns, outline your history of weight gain and loss and receive the first dose of this protein-based therapy. As your visits continue, take advantage of every opportunity to discuss your progress, and receive support, information, and encouragement from our incredible team.

Our Weight Loss Specialist

This medication was designed by a top weight loss doctor and his partner in the practice, also a medical weight loss specialist. After years of working with patients, these two physicians longed for an option that did not involve Phentermine or Adipex, which are medications not everyone can take, or afford. These two spent years researching food consumption, digestion, and hunger regulation and came up with a simple solution: increase your natural proteins, known as peptides.

Research shows an exponential increase in these proteins following gastric bypass surgery. The proteins alert the system involved in regulating hunger and digestion, that after very little food, you are full and satisfied. As the doctors began to understand how peptides safely and naturally communicate to the body that small portions of food are enough, they devised this now FDA-approved weight loss therapy, which also incorporates B-12, another key nutrient needed for weight loss.

Weight Loss

Texas Health Medical Group is now offering a medical weight loss program that is effective and affordable.

Medical Weight Loss

Our program was devised by physicians who personally understand the challenges of real medical weight loss.

Weight Loss Clinic

We have developed the tools and teams necessary for you to reach your ideal weight and health goals.

Weight Loss Medications

Our FDA-approved, protein-based therapy can help you improve your health, and outlook on life.

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We design a protocol uniquely formulated to address your issues and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Programs

Our medication received FDA approval easily, with little fanfare, because it is safe and effective.

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Texas Health Medical Group is committed to helping its patients set and reach their weight loss and health goals. From nutrition and movement to meditation and medication, we have developed the tools and teams necessary for you to be successful.

This program was devised by physicians who followed their protocol, and they understand the challenges real weight loss entails. Their program and protocol are stress-free. Our staff training is extensive, and every patient experiences excellent care, great communication, and compassionate coaching. Making an appointment is easy, keeping it even easier. We are committed to short to no wait times, easy payment options, and convenient appointment times.

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About the Weight Loss Clinic

Texas Health Medical Group is a medical clinic in Dallas, Texas that specializes in medical weight loss. The weight loss center provides safe, non-surgical weight loss programs that help patients lose weight without being hungry. The healthy weight loss plans that the center provides are doctor supervised, physician recommended. The medication is approved by the FDA. The weight reducing plan is affordable, easy to follow and effective. The program does not require starvation diets, unsafe medications or exercise.

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We provide weight loss services for these areas of Dallas, Texas: Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Mesquite, Addison, Carrollton, Plano, Irving, Sunnyvale, Rowlett, Sachse, Coppell, Wylie, The Colony, Duncanville, Grand Prairie and Lewisville.